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Recently I decided to upload an acoustic version of “Fortuna” as I feel this song needs to be out there more. So what is “Fortuna”? Fortuna is the Goddess of luck in Roman Mythology. In reality though there is a wordplay involved there from the Greek word “Fourtouna” (Φουρτούνα) which translates as storm or tempest or gale. Now this is the vital part: How are these two words connected? I always thought that luck is like a big wave rather than something positive or negative. It depends on the person and the conditions of which he or she are caught up in a big wave. Some people ride the wave and carry themselves out in the beach while others drown in it. Luck is about the range of situations that you find yourself in. For example some people win the lottery which I guess is a positive thing although many of them end up in a much worse situation than they were before the won it. Other people have had great and terrible things happen to them so I am thinking again that luck is about the range of situations that people find themselves in rather than something positive or negative. But how did this song start to write itself anyway? One day my friend George Ioakeimidis came over to my house to hang out like people do. After a couple of hours he went off and while he was at the door he said to me “Are you writing anything new or are you jerking off?!” I felt like I was caught off guard so my reply was something like “Errr yes I am, no. Why are you asking? I don’t know! No I haven’t come up with anything lately. “ Then once he left, I said to myself: “Why don’t I write something good? “. Then I instantly came up with the double guitar theme at the beginning recording one guitar on my phone and using it as a backing track to play the other. I said to myself this is nice and it was seconds before I came up with the vocal melody of the chorus. Now that never happens or at least to me. You don’t just say “I will write something good now”, it just doesn’t work like that. I think I would come up with this anyway but it was luck that I said to myself that I am going to write something now and actually do it. The song went through a lot of transitions throughout the production of “Kitro” especially the string arrangements in which I got massive help from Peter Dowsett, the producer of “Kitro”. There are several layers of melodies in there and I wanted it to be that way as it represents the complexity of luck and how one is letting themselves unto the waves of possibilities whether they end up drowning or being carried out to land riding on top of a massive wave.